Coastal Property Management provides many services to residential home owners and community associations.
Just a few of the services we provide:

For Residences:

·  Vacant home inspection

·  Home maintenance

·  Project management

·  Security alarm emergency contact

·  Meeting with contractors

·  Deliveries

·  Package pick-up and forwarding

·  Vehicle summer maintenance

·  Appliance inspection

·  Water damage prevention/early detection (a/c, roof)

·  Shutter services

·  Pool and lawn service supervision

·  Audio/Video connection and troubleshooting

·  Basic computer set-up and troubleshooting

All the services we provide are individually tailored for each property and no request is too small.

For Condominium / Cooperative Associations:

·  Complete management services

·  Contractor screening / bids

·  Project management

·  Maintenance supervision

·  Accounting

·  Attend board meetings

·  Disperse minutes, newsletters and notices

Routine visits include:

·  Visual inspection of entire property - inside and out

·  Check operation of appliances

·  Check the A/C unit and change filters

·  Turn on water and run faucets as well as flush toilets

·  Check for visible leaks or other possible causes of mold/mildew

·  Check outside lights and timers for correct operation

·  Remove newspapers or other unwanted solicitation (flyers or debris)

·  Check for lawn service performed as scheduled

·  Test fire alarms for normal operation

·  Check pool level and operation

For your convenience, these services can be performed all year long and are fully documented so you can see that the work is being performed.